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 Free Part Time Jobs, Earn Money from ...

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Date d'inscription : 07/10/2015

MessageSujet: Free Part Time Jobs, Earn Money from ...   Mer Oct 07, 2015 4:31 am

What is Actual Concept?

Welcome you in the vast world of internet. Do you know that today internet is not only means to collect the information, but also used to earn money by doing some online work on it. There are so many works on Internet to do but the important are get paid to view Email Advertisement and online form filling work, lets have a short look of both types of work.
There are many Multinational Advertising Websites on Internet from which you can earn good income without any payment. you have to click their advertisements,stay their at least 30/45 seconds For this, advertising companies will pay you directly minimum $0.25 on each advertisement. you also receive paid emails directly in your inbox. These emails will contain advertisers website links. You have to click these Ad links and go to advertisers website and view them for 30-40 seconds.
Look at the Screen Shots below to understand this
Easy & Simple Job
STEP 1 : Open Your Email - You Will Find Paid Advertisements In Your Inbox

STEP 2 : Open The Emails Where You Will Get The Link To Paid Advertisements

STEP 3 : On Clicking The Link A New Browser Window Will Open And You Need To
Stay In That Window For 10-60 Seconds

STEP 4 : After 30-60 Seconds Your Account Will Be Credited With Amount
Associated For That Paid Advertisement

STEP 5 : Check Your Account Status Anytime
just login with your Username and Password and see how much you earned.

There are hundreds of Survey Companies (Market Research Companies) all over the world. Their main job is to conduct online survey on behalf of the Multinational Companies. These Survey companies are constantly looking for people like you to help them conduct the survey and collect information .Multinational Companies pay huge amount in terms of lakhs of Dollars to the survey companies to conduct survey about their products and services.
These are companies like Coca Cola,Nike, Dell, Microsoft, and even McDonalds!

These companies provide you survey forms in which you have to fill your right choice. Each question of the survey has 4 to 5 choice answers among which you have to choose an answer according to your opinion. Please note: There is no question of being right and wrong because here you have to give information to the company about yourself, which might be positive or in negative, i.e. if you are asked which product of L.G. is being used in your house, your answer can be either in positive or in negative. Therefore according to the status of the survey form the company pays you Rs.60 to 300 for each form.

How much I can earn?

There are thousands of companies on Internet which provide PTC & Survey work.So It depends on the number of hours you work daily because there is no limt of work but the important thing is that how much time do spend for this work or how many ads do you browse every day.The member who is working daily 3-4 hours can easily earn Rs.12000 to 18000 per month by doing this job.

See the payment received from different internet companies

See more Click Here

What kind of work do you provide?

We offer part/full time, work-from-home on internet, where individuals from anywhere can work as independent, We provide two types of main work – paid advertisements & online surveys plus some other programs as bonus like Google Adsense and and online data entry work.

How much can I earn for each Survey form I fill or each ad I visit?

You can earn Rs.60 to Rs.300 ($1 to $5) for each survey form you fill and average $0.25 for browsing an ad companies have many Ad categories to Based on the category, the rate may increase

What is the Qualification to Do this Work?

No need Extra qualification. Just basic Internet Browsing knowledge is enough to do this job.

How much Time I need to Work in the Internet ?

There is no hard and fast rules regarding the work. It depends on the number of hours you work. You can work at your convenient timings. But it is good at least you work 2-3 hour daily to earn a decent income.

Have we to fill the survey forms correctly? Whether any problem arises in payment if the forms are filled wrong?

The forms in which your survey is taken is to be filled according your own information. So there is no question of to be right or wrong.

Whether something is to be bought or sold in this work ?

No, never you have nothing to buy or sell in this work.

Do I have to pay any amount or fees while joining survey companies?

No, You have not to pay any fees to these companies. Your registration is totally free in all these companies.

Is there is any time limit or target ?

There is no such target or time limit. You can do it your own time without having any target for this work.

Where we can do this work?

You can do this work at your home if you have your personal system and internet connection, or you can do it from any cyber cafe and also at your office.

When and what time we can do this work?

You can do this work in any time of day and night (part time, full time) or when ever your want. It is not necessary to do the work daily, if you want you can give the gap of some days during your work.

How would I get my payment from them & in what mode?

Most of PTC and Survey companies send the payment on a monthly basis through a cheque/Paypal or directly NEFT transfer in your account.There are companies too which pay on weekly basis or a twice in a month so you can choose any company which suits you and work for it.
In members Area, you will be asked to provide your bank account details along IFSC code of your bank branch to get paid by NEFT online transfer.
If you like to get your payment through Paypal then Paypal will directly transfer all your amount in your Bank Account.
Sometimes, companies have a minimum payout limit of $50-$100 or so on. It means that if you could not work in the current month to reach that level due to any reason and your earning is below a specific amount, your amount will get carried over to the next month. It will get adjusted in the next month earning.

Does it Cost to Join?

Yes. To start the work we will provide you the "CD Package" in which you will get step by step instruction to start the work and fill the form etc. with your website (by your name) and with your username and password. The charges of all this package are only Rs. 1490/- which is not to be paid in advance, You have to fill the registration form and we will call you for confirmation and send the package at your address by post or by courier. You have to pay Rs. 1490/- (including postal charges) to the postman after receiving the package.
Cash On Delivery

Facility Available Across India.

Don't miss this great Opportunity !
You have found the right way for Making Money from the Internet

Order Now & Pay only when the package reaches you.
Register for "Bharat Online Work Package" Now
For just a small Investment of

Rs 1490/- only

No Expiry Date! . . . No Renewal Charge!


What will we get in CD PACKAGE which you provide us? .......

  • The E-booklet in which, we let you know how to start your work,how to fill the online forms etc.
  • You will be given your user name and password
  • Also as 15 days promotion offer from our sponsors we are offering our members a free website for personal or business use.

Register Now, Pay At The Time Of Delivery
Rs 1490/- Only
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Messages : 14
Date d'inscription : 07/10/2015

MessageSujet: Re: Free Part Time Jobs, Earn Money from ...   Mer Oct 07, 2015 10:00 am

Good Job Smile
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Messages : 36
Date d'inscription : 06/10/2015

MessageSujet: Re: Free Part Time Jobs, Earn Money from ...   Mer Oct 07, 2015 10:07 am

It's very GOOD
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MessageSujet: Re: Free Part Time Jobs, Earn Money from ...   

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Free Part Time Jobs, Earn Money from ...
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